Printed color chart is now in your pocket!

We help your customers choose and visualize their colors wherever they are in the world.


AR technology that will shape the future of interior design

What does CepKartela™ technology do?

CepKartela builds digital showrooms that allow your customers to imagine how a certain room will look with certain wall coverings and floor coverings (For example, it helps visualize how a certain wall paint will look in one's home after a renovation). It calibrates all of your color charts with the Kartelacım Color Matching system in accordance with ISO Fogra standards and saves them in the system infrastructure. In this way, you give your customers the opportunity to examine your color charts or to experience how the color of their choice will look on their wall, using the latest technologies.

The core of CepKartela's innovative technology is computer vision algorithms that recognize and digitize the photographed objects and then place new finishing materials on flat surfaces in photorealistic quality while preserving the perspective, shadows and scale of the photographed objects and coating materials.


Stay ahead of everyone with real innovation!

● It helps your customers visualize and select your products.
● It helps your products stand out among hundreds of similar designs.
● It helps your sales representatives to make bigger, better and faster sales.
● It helps you distribute your digital data quickly and securely and control who can access this data.

How does it work?

Behind CepKartela's sleek interface is a network of networks, an algorithm built on artificial intelligence from a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain works. Once the mesh network learns to "see" and recognize various types of interiors, it gains the ability to identify and separate objects from walls and floors.

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